What is Hologram?


Hologram is a self-expression primitive for the open metaverse.
Become your favorite PFP characters, flex your wearables, and create unforgettable moments on any video or gaming platform with a few clicks.
Create your metaverse-ready digital collectibles for entire communities.

Hologram unlocks:

🎭 Access to your digital brand- Chat, stream, and play as your main characters in realtime.
🫡 Upgraded NFT utility- Static PFPs -> dynamic avatars, voice skins, AI personalities, etc...
👾 Metaverse Interoperability- Built on open formats and open standards.
👩‍🎨 More upside for artists- 100x your throughput, receive majority of sales + cut of secondaries.
✅ Realtime identity verification- Verify those you are watching are who they claim to be.

Hologram components:

  • ​Holo Extension- Become your NFTs on Google Meet, Discord, Slack, Gather, or any video-chatting app on the browser.
  • ​Holo Web Studio- Try on or stream as your NFT characters through Hologram's embeddable web plugin.
  • ​Holo Desktop App- Chat & stream as your NFTs on any video platform, period.
  • Holo Creation Framework- Fastest way to create >20k collections of dynamic avatars.
  • Holo Mobile Application (Coming soon)



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