👾What is Hologram?


Hologram is your upgraded digital identity.

Immerse as your favorite virtual character, flex your digital wearables, and create unforgettable moments on any social, content, or gaming platform with a few clicks.

Create a memorable mascot for your brand, or drop the latest AR/VR collection for your community.

Hologram unlocks:

🎭 Distribution for your brand- Connect with your community & grow your brand on any platform.

🫡 Infinite utility for your IP- Static PFPs -> dynamic avatars, voice skins, AI personalities, etc...

👾 Metaverse Interoperability- Built on open formats and open standards.

👩‍🎨 More upside for artists- 100x your throughput, receive majority of sales + cut of secondaries.

✅ Ownership of your identity- Enable anyone to verify the ownership of your IP.

Hologram components:

  • Hologram Extension- Become your hologram on Google Meet, Discord, Slack, Gather, or any video-chatting app on the browser.

  • Hologram Studio - Chat & stream as your holograms on any video platform, period.

  • Hologram Web- Try on or stream as your hologram through Hologram's embeddable web plugin.

  • Hologram Mobile (Coming soon)

  • Hologram Creator- Fastest way to create >20k collections of AR/VR digital assets.


🥽Hologram Extension🖥️Hologram Desktop



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