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How can I get a Hologram?

If you hold a PFP, chances are Hologram is partnering or looking to partner with your collection to bring your PFP to life!
Let us know which PFP you own, or better yet, help us reach out to the admins of those collections. We are working around the clock to bring your PFP to life as soon as possible.
Visit our Discord and see which collections we already created Holograms for. You can also get an avatar through purchasing one from Hologram's partner collections.

How can I bring Hologram to my PFP collection?

Send a message to "collab-interest" channel of our Discord.

Which video platforms does Hologram support?

The Hologram extension can be used on most websites that uses a webcam via the browser.
We are carefully rolling out support, starting with Google Meet, Discord web, Slack web, Microsoft Teams, and Gather. If there is a website or platform that you'd like to see Hologram extension support, please submit a request here.
The Hologram Studio Desktop app extends beyond just websites, and can be used with any desktop-based application, such as Zoom or OBS (for streaming). It comes with a virtual camera (like Snap Cam) which acts as another webcam source.

Why do I need to connect my wallet?

Hologram asks you to connect to your wallet because we use your verified public wallet address to read and display publicly available NFT data and asset files that belongs to you, the true owner.
We have no write permissions and no way of manipulating your assets.

Is there a chance of doxxing / video feed reverting back to my real face?

There is zero chance of the video feed reverting back to your real face after Hologram has already been turned on. Not even when face tracking is accidentally lost.
How does this work? Our extension completely overwrites the camera feed at the chrome level. The web application will no long have the access to the original camera feed.
Try this out yourself! Block the camera with your hand (face tracking will be off), and you will see that your character will still be there.
We have other safety checks in place as well. For example, if you log out of the extension or switch accounts, avatar mode will still be active. If you accidentally click the Hologram on/off kill-switch, there will be a popup that warns you of potential doxxing if you proceed.

How do you handle privacy and security?

Your privacy and security is our highest priority.
Hologram does not store any personal data. Hologram reads publicly available data from the Ethereum blockchain. We only interact with Metamask or Wallet Connect during authentication, which allows us to display your NFTs on our extension.
All computation is done on device, and no camera feed ever leaves your computer. In fact, once you download the extension, it communicates only with your wallet but not our server (we don’t even have a server for extension).
To verify all computation happens locally yourself, you can turn off the Internet connection once the avatar is loaded and you will find the face tracking will still work.
For the Hologram chrome extension, you can view the privacy practices on the Chrome Web Store. We do need to work with user activity data such as user clicks, keystrokes, and network conditions to be functional- however these aren't stored anywhere. These are also the same minimum requirements specified by other widely used web3 wallets such as Metamask or Phantom.