Livestream to Twitch, Youtube, and more with Hologram and OBS.


You can use the Hologram Desktop App alongside a live stream broadcasting tool to start streaming to Twitch, Youtube, Tiktok, and more.


  1. Install Hologram Desktop App (Mac-only, Windows coming soon).

  2. (Optional) Connect wallet to access your NFT holograms.

  3. Set up your character, background, face tracking, etc.

Using Twitch Studio (Mac Friendly)

Twitch studio provides a super simple experience to start streaming to Twitch with a few clicks. Download it here and refer to this guide for a comprehensive overview. Follow the simple steps below to start streaming with your favorite characters.

In Twitch Studio, click on "Edit Scene" on the bottom bar.

Select "Webcam" under "Layers" on the left. Under "Device" on the right, click on "Change".

Set your webcam to "Hologram Camera", then click "Done".

Scroll down on the right. Under "Edit Green Screen Effect", copy values in "Colors to Remove".

In Hologram Desktop, paste the colors value into the background color selector.

Your character should now appear on top of your stream!

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