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MacOS Desktop Audio Capture

In order to capture desktop audio on macOS, you will require additional software. We recommend BlackHole for its popularity among OBS users.


BlackHole by existential audio can be used to record macOS desktop audio. It must be set up manually does not support per-application audio capture.

  1. Download BlackHole 16ch and run the installer

  2. After you have installed BlackHole 16ch, open the Audio MIDI Setup application

  3. Click on the + button at the lower-left of the window, and then "Create Multi-Output Device"

  4. Uncheck BlackHole 16ch in the list to the right. Check one device from which you want to hear audio.

  5. Re-check BlackHole 16ch. Make sure the device you selected in step 5 is set as the Master Device at the top of the window. Close Audio MIDI Setup

  6. In System Preferences, click on Sound

  7. Click on Output, then click on the Multi-Output Device you created

  8. In Hologram Studio view, ensure audio option is set as "Microphone"

  9. In Hologram Settings window, change the audio input device to BlackHole 16ch

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