🥽Hologram Extension

Become your favorite hologram and video chat anonymously on Google Meet, Discord, Slack, Gather, and hundreds of other websites!


  1. Download the Hologram Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. For Google Chrome, turn on hardware acceleration in "settings".


Login via Your Web3 Wallet

Hologram currently supports login using Metamask or WalletConnect.

Enable Your Character

When in your Google Meet / Discord meeting, open the Hologram extension and ensure the center toggle on the bottom is toggled to "On". Select your desired character, and see them appear on your Google Meet meeting screen.

Zoom, Placement, and Expressions

In the Hologram extension, click on the avatar icon on the bottom. You can make larger / smaller, place your avatar, and turn on/off expressions that come with your Avatar model.

You can also use hotkeys to trigger your character's expressions. Hold the Option key (alt key on Windows), and press 1 to trigger the first expression, 2 the second...q the eleventh, w the twelfth...p the last.

Changing Your Background

In the Hologram extension, click on the picture icon on the bottom. You can change your background to PFPs you own, or a color from the palette selector.

Changing Your Voice

In the Hologram extension, click on the microphone icon on the bottom. Tweak the circular pitch slider and click on preview to hear your new voice! Your changes will be applied in real time.

Platform Guides

Discord Web

To prevent doxxing, do not immediately click on "Video" on the bottom left corner.

Instead, click the chat to open the view below. Then click on the arrow next to the camera icon button. Click on "Preview Camera".

In preview mode, check the "always preview video" box on bottom left.

Ensure you have the correct webcam (the physical webcam you are using) selected. Once the avatar is loaded ready to go, press "Turn on Camera".

Enjoy chatting! :)


  • For Windows users, ensure you have a power source plugged into your laptop while using Hologram extension. This will rid of any video lag.

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