🖥️Hologram Desktop

Create content with your holograms. Use your hologram on any website or desktop app that uses a webcam (e.g. Zoom, Slack, OBS for streaming, and hundreds more).


Download Hologram

  1. Download the Hologram Desktop App.

  2. Currently in beta. Mac (M1 and x64) and Windows supported.

Login via Your Web3 Wallet

  1. Click on "Connect" on the top right corner.

  2. Select your web3 wallet. Hologram currently supports login using Metamask or WalletConnect.

Customize your scene

Add your Holograms, stickers, or backgrounds into the scene

  1. Click on your desired hologram or PFPs.

  2. Click on your "Holograms" or PFPs. Set it as background or add it as an avatar / sticker.

Turn on face tracking (Optional)

  1. Open the top-left menu bar, and click on "settings". Make sure the selected webcam source is the physical webcam you are using.

  2. Click on the green round button with the camera icon located on the bottom right corner of the scene.

  3. Wait 2 seconds, and you will see your hologram character tracks your face!

Zoom and Placement

To zoom, hover your mouse over the desired item in the scene and scroll using your mouse.

To set placement, simply drag the item to the desired spot.

Studio Mode

Trigger emotes / expressions

This feature is only available on characters with emotes built-in.

Set colored background or greenscreen (chroma key)

Import images or video

Window sharing / screen sharing

Create content (photos & videos)

Platform Guides

Below are guides for using Hologram Studio with a few of the most popular video conferencing apps. To learn about streaming using Hologram, check out our streaming guide.

Before jumping onto any video call or stream, be sure to open the Hologram Desktop App and prepare your virtual self (connect wallet, select your character / backgrounds, turn on face-tracking, etc.)

Note: Discord Desktop is the only known platform where virtual camera applications like Hologram, OBS, and others aren't yet supported. We are contacting their team to add support in the near future.


  1. In the Zoom Meeting, locate the "Select a Camera" menu.

2. Click "Start Video", and enjoy the conversation :)


  1. In the video call, click on "Settings". Select "Hologram Camera" under the "Camera" dropdown.

2. Turn on your video, and enjoy the conversation :)

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