Creator Studio Guide (Beta)

Hologram creator studio allows artists to create their own Hologram-enabled collections with a few clicks.
This product is currently in closed beta. If you are interested in getting access, fill out this form.



  1. 1.
    Go to Hologram Studio and authenticate by clicking "Connect Wallet" on the top right.
2. After authenticating, click on the top right button with your account info, and navigate to "Creator Studio (Beta)".
3. Welcome to your collections view. Click "+ Create Collection" on the top right to create your first collection.
4. Fill in the collection name, 3-4 letter symbol, and select the network for your collection. Switch your network to "Ropsten" if you want to create a test collection.
The name and symbol fields will show up on the collection contract on Etherscan and marketplaces like OpenSea. Note that since the created contract belong to you, it will cost network transaction fees.
5. After creating and navigating to the collection, click on "Activate". This prepares your collection to be ready for minting holograms.
6. After activation, refresh the page and create your first hologram! (Note: only Live2D models are supported at the moment)
Click on "Create Hologram"
The name, description, and preview image will be used for display on marketplaces like OpenSea.